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22 Feb

NO, you should not settle your worker’s compensation case in Michigan without consulting an attorney that specializes in Michigan worker’s compensation settlements. At the Law Offices of David Zimmerman we have been negotiating settlements with insurance companies for 25 years. We know exactly what issues are crucial to getting the maximum settlement amount. We know how to exactly keep as much of the leverage on your side as possible. We have vocational experts and medical experts that maximize your Michigan Worker’s Compensation settlement. Please contact us for a free Michigan Worker’s Compensation settlement consultation. Call at anytime day or night 586-991-0600.

18 Feb

You should talk with an Attorney that specializes in Michigan Worker’s Compensation Law before you settle your case. I regularly see people in court settling their worker’s compensation case without an attorney. I often sit in on those settlement hearings and people that trust insurance companies and insurance adjuster to be fair, get much less than those that hire an attorney.
You can always settle your case, but in many cases you should wait until your medical condition is stable. Insurance companies often offer a quick settlement before your completely medically stable. Don’t trust insurance adjusters, call a Michigan Worker’s Compensation Attorney Specialist. It is a free call.

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